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@somethingfeline i think i found you

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C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

‘Sken! NO!’ Annanyn grabbed her wife’s hands in hers and squeezed tightly. ‘Never say that. I love you as you are. And I thought— I assumed— That we were going to adopt.’

‘Adopt?’ Sken paled as realisation washed over her face. ‘Oh, Goddess. I never even thought about that—’

‘—I was waiting to suggest it,’ Annanyn swallowed. ‘Until we were ready.’

Sken took a deep breath, her gills quivering. ‘I’ve been ready for years. I’ve been sorry for years...’

I have the urge to redisign character designs again even though it makes no sence yet. Until Sound, Red and Valerie are free from the Sound Color Inspection and rules of Highgrowing City, they don't really have a big choice of outfits. Sound has black hair he cannot yet dye and wears a student uniform, with black shirt and white pants, unlike 99% students who do it vice versa. Rad wears a black jumpsuit at work, and also has a fluffy white sweater he practically lives in. Valerie wears all black which is not something everyone can afford. 

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what are thoooooose

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@somethingfeline either the NaNo website broke or i am doing stuff wrong but i can't find you

Everyone: nah-no-rhyme-o

Me, a Russian: нановримо

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okay here's the thing... i barely have a name? for my project? it's been always called just "rave" in my head but that's not a... book...title....

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@gloatbee i mean yeah but.. Would you buy a book titled "rave" when it... Isn't even about rave at all? not even close.

ii should add something to it, like: Rave: Something Something 

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before you ask yes, Rave: Something Something is a very good title, but it only sounds cool in English

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okay here's the thing... i barely have a name? for my project? it's been always called just "rave" in my head but that's not a... book...title....

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@gloatbee i mean yeah but.. Would you buy a book titled "rave" when it... Isn't even about rave at all? not even close.

ii should add something to it, like: Rave: Something Something 

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691 word excerpt of Chapter 1 from Sylas and the Selkie

Fifthdae was always the worst night for fishing.

The big boats came from Copper Swamp City to deliver their ores to the refinery, and the bustle disturbed the reef so much that you’d be lucky to catch one fish, let alone enough to stock an entire market stall for the weekend.

Sylas let out a heavy sigh and looked to the lights in the distance. He was glad he’d decided to come away from the docks to under the cliffside; there were more boats than usual today, and the tide didn’t seem to be coming in as fast as usual… Though, he couldn’t stay much longer without risking being caught in the nightly flooding of the rocky beach.

One more fish, he thought. Then he’d head home.

Sylas let out a cry as he felt his boat rock, and one of his hooks fell from the side and into the water.

Dammit, he thought, peering over the side and cursing. That was a new hook! Damn the tide. Should’ve gone home hours ago…

‘May I have a fish?’ asked a voice from behind him.

‘If you give me enough pay,’ he replied, hurriedly scooping the rest of his lures to the safety of his tackle box.

‘What’s a “pay”?’ came the voice again. ‘Is that a sort of… Rock? Like those little gold ones?’

Sylas frowned. How could someone not know what pay was! Who the hell— ‘BY ALL THE GODS! WHAT IN DEEPLAND—‘

He fell over in his hurry to turn to the voice and nearly toppled into the ocean. The only thing that stopped him was the webbed hand of the stranger grabbing the collar of his shirt and holding on to him tightly.

He panted as they gripped him, and stared wide-eyed at the freckled, naked woman who held him in place.

‘Hi!’ she chirped, lifting him off his feet with surprising strength and setting him back into his seat.

‘Fucking Father,’ he breathed as he was effortlessly placed down. ‘A damn— On my boat! A fucking—’

The woman brushed a lock of wet curls from her freckled face before pointing to the bucket at Sylas’ feet. ‘Can I have a fish?’

‘Take the damn bucket!’ Sylas responded, thrusting the wooden tub into her hands and edging backwards as the boat rocked dangerously. ‘Just— Don’t eat me!’

‘Eat you?’ she asked, looking from him to the fish before burying her face into the bucket and messily biting into the pile. ‘Why would I eat you?’

‘You’re a— A— A siren! Oh Father, don’t eat me!’

She looked at him for a long moment before a giving him a toothy grin, her chubby cheeks smeared with blood. ‘Oh, I see. I’m a big, scary siren?’

Sylas nodded and swallowed the building bile in his throat.

‘Well, of course I’m going to eat you,’ she rolled her eyes and put the fish down. ‘I was just having an APPETISER!’

Sylas let out a shriek as she lunged for him, before he toppled out of the boat and into the ocean. He rose to the surface gasping for air, and heard the woman giggling. When he looked at her, she was hanging over the side of the boat with one clawed hand lazily skimming the surface of the waves.

‘I’m not a siren,’ she said simply. ‘Sirens are scaly and gangly and smell like rot. I’m spotty, and cute, and I smell like fresh kelp. Much better than one of those ugly bitches.’

‘Bit— Bitches?’ Sylas stammered.

‘Yes. My mother says anyone who eats other sapients are bitches,’ she replied, stretching her hand towards Sylas as if to shake it. ‘I can assume you’re sapient, right? A boy?’

‘I… I prefer to be called a man?’ Sylas managed, daring to take her hand. He felt immediate pressure in his shoulder as he was painfully yanked out of the water and back into the boat. He almost screamed again, but held back as the women plopped back onto the floor and continued munching on the bucket of fish. ‘What… What are you?’

‘Selkie,’ she replied. ‘I’ve never seen a boy before.’

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An Anonymous user asked:

I'm really curious, what's this Nano thing? :0

NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Month - a challenge where you and other writers set a goal to write 50000 words in a month. You register on their site and update your word count and get cheered on... Afaik, that's how it works. 

what are thoooooose

okay here's the thing... i barely have a name? for my project? it's been always called just "rave" in my head but that's not a... book...title....

Easy Inspo Challenge!


this might as well turn into an ask meme but i might answer it with moodboards!

here is an itemized list of things for you to illustrate/rant about

1. Favorite character of your project 

2. Favorite location/sub-location of your project 

3. Favorite pairing/relationship 

4. A detail about something which might not be included/referenced directly in your story but you still keep it in your head because it feels right

5. Favorite scene/chapter/moment/quote of your story

all of those can be multiple! top 3 or top 5!


okay ive registered at NaNo everybody stay calm it might be happening

i could do some kind of moodboard-oc-tober tho

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i need to calm tf down before NaNoWriMo because i have so much stuff to do and not much stuff to post because translating what i write takes nearly as much time as writing it. the good thing is that i still find inspiration in music and a lot of songs, so there is that. 

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wrong blog


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Still following oc-growth-and-development‘s prompts (look at me go)
Sam does not have a gender and I will not reveal their agab (because they do not have one). Likewise, Myles does not have a deadname and I will not reveal it (because it does not exist). Now on with the show.

Sam was cool. The kid everyone wanted to be friends with. Sam made gender expression and breaking from the status quo not seem so scary.

Myles hung around the back door, idling. Myles was watching as Sam tossed a beanbag up and down, laying on their back on the couch. Macy made a sound of frustration and threw down her pen. She got up and left for the kitchen without a word.

"What's kicking, frienderino?" Sam asked, their eyes sticking to the beanbag. "You gonna keep lurking or come in your own house?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Awe man, sure," Sam sat up, all business. "What's on your mind?"

Myles continued nervously lingering in the doorway. "How did you know you're a they?"

Sam didn't miss a beat. A kind smile formed on their face. "I thought about it a lot. And I asked questions like yours. It took me a really long time to realize I was uncomfortable as a he and as a she. It was GrAnne," Sam said with a smirk, "who suggested that I go with they."

"Granny did?" Myles asked in surprise.

Sam nodded. "She did indeed. Made me a lot more confident when it came time to ask others to use it. Now," they gave a wink, "I take it you'd like to try out they, yourself. Got a name to go with those fancy, new pronouns?"

"Myles," they whispered.

Sam got up. They walked over looking serious. Once right in front of Myles, they extended a hand. "Nice to meet you, Myles."

The easiest smile blossomed on Myles' face. "Yeah," they fumbled.

"Did I miss something?" Macy had about three bags of cheeps and a 2L of cola piled in her arms.

Sam slung an arm around Myles' shoulder. "Myles here wants to try out they/them."

Macy raised an eyebrow. "You sure?" Before either of them could respond, she continued, "there are a lot of other gender neutral pronouns, too. Fae feels especially fitting, you know. I just want to be sure you've looked at all your options."

Myles' shoulders dropped in relief. "Yeah, I've thought about it. I, uh, want to put some distance," they let their words fall away.

Macy gave a decisive nod. "Alright, then, Myles. On Monday we can get everything changed at school. If we call Granny she might be able to get things changed on the magical end tonight."

"You'll go with me?" Myles didn't know why they were so surprised.

"Of course," Macy frowned. "I'm your sister." She jabbed them in the chest. "You changing doesn't make us not siblings, dummy."

A King's Sacrifice

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I love my home. It is beautiful. I have a tall castle, built of stone, aged so much as to be covered in moss and ivy. Plants sways slightly in the current of the breeze. Tall trees, flowers and cacti balance on the pebbly beach and stretch upward. Beside my castle lies my treasure, bought by the giants from across the world. A massive wooden chest with the lid propped open, gold coins and shining gems shifting inside it.
It is good to be king. I have a magnificent feathery crown to prove it. A crown of beautiful red and white stripes, leading to sharp points. All the others know it. They respect me and pass me by, stopping in their tasks to bow and hide their faces. It is good that they know their place.
It comes close to the feeding time. I must ask the great gods for their blessing. We have always known that when we pray and beg at a certain time of day, food will fall from the sky. Naturally I get first pick. I am king. My favoured ones may eat afterwards, and what falls to the bottom may be left for the poor suckers that live there. They swarm to hear my plea, and they all bow and sink lower than one would think possible, thanking the great gods for their blessing.
And so, we eat. It is good and wholesome. Once we have eaten, well, we shall see what happens next. They may choose to take a sacrifice. My people may march in my honour, and I could watch them proudly. Or even… no. I have asked for a new fighter, one to protect me, worthy of my strength and majesty. But despite my sacrifices being accepted and taken, I have received nothing. I must hope, and keep sacrificing. They may see reason.
What? What is this? One of my messengers brings news. At the edge of my kingdom a new object has appeared. It seems something is trapped within it. I shall take a guard and we will go and observe it, and perhaps release the poor creature.
It is a strange object indeed. It shines with a rainbow and bulges smoothly outwards. My soldiers touch it, explore it but we see no door. It is an odd substance. We must try and save some to build with. But enough of that. We can see the one inside. It dresses in a strange blue, with long flowing robes that billow around its limbs. It glares at its cage and nudges it, before charging and smacking against its entrapment. It wants to be free.
I catch its eye. It stills and watches me, completely unmoving. It doesn’t beg me to release it, only observes, waiting for something. Or perhaps gathering new information.
He is proud. Strong. He will be my fighter. The cage tips over and he enters, standing in front of me. His face is stone. We stand face to face. He bows and I smile. My subject.
“ahh, that stupid lion fish is staring at the new blue fighter.” A man stomps over and stares into the tank with the plastic castle and bubbling chest. “like e’s the king or somethin’. Weirdo.” Another voice grunts non-committedly.
A bell rings. A woman enters and approaches the tank. “Ten of those. The orange ones with the sword tails.” The man grabs a net and a small bag of water. He dips it in and pulls out ten, wiggling.
I stare up, horrified. Ten men from my army. Is this really the price?

okay at least i still find inspiration in songs so that's good

i would like to write something for NaNo prep, like, short paragraph or something, but i don't think i can do the oc-tober prompt so i might do something else instead